Friday, October 28, 2011

Commercial Truck Insurance Discussed at Truck Driver Social Media Convention

Attendees traveled from twenty eight U.S. states and two countries to participate in the 1st Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention. A convention to recognize and honor the professional CDL driver for their contribution to America’s economic livelihood, as well as to bring together, both driver and various industry professionals, to socialize, network and discuss those issues most vital to the driver and industry.

The Truck Driver Social Media Convention provides the professional driver with a platform to speak and to be heard, raising public awareness and media exposure, strengthening the voice of the driver by becoming involved in the governmental bureaucracy of regulatory decision-making, and offering recognition and respect.

Throughout the day, drivers had the chance to actively participate by sharing their thoughts, concerns, ideas and solutions to what they perceive as the most pressing issues facing truckers today. Subjects such as excessive regulations on the industry, the need to have the professional driver public image “cleaned up,” and implementing an inclusion of knowledge about sharing the road with trucks in basic driver license testing. These discussions were then taken, and through the tools of social media, shared with others to further the conversation and ensure that voices were heard from outside of the cab.

Although much focus was placed on the struggles and hardships of the professional truck driver's lifestyle, there were conversations also focused on the humorous and more mundane topics like personal stories and experiences and answering questions about commercial truck insurance.

The Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention will be held each year on the third week of October in a different city across the United States, in order to make it as accessible as possible for our nation's professional drivers.

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