Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are Your Trucks and Trailers Over Insured?

We all know that this economy has negatively affected the values of our homes, trucks, trailers & commercial equipment. But have you adjusted the values on your commercial truck insurance policy? We are seeing too many of our clients keeping outdated stated values on their truck insurance policies. Then when there is a big loss, they are shocked to find out that their truck or trailer is not worth what it used to be worth.

Recently one of our sand & gravel truckers had an accident involving a dump trailer. It was damaged but not totalled. They had the trailer insured for $20,000, which was accurate in 2006 but not today. He had declined a suggestion to re-evaluate his values for depreciation at renewal. It turned out that the current market value of the trailer was only about $7,500 due to a glut of dump trailers on the market today. What a shock! But that's the economy we're in, especially in areas like California that were booming earlier in the decade but are now seeing little or no new construction.

So when your insurance agent asks you to review the truck and trailer values on your policy, do it! And make sure to get another opinion on the values if you're not sure. Local dealers are often a good resource as they know what is selling and for what prices.

If your truck insurance agent is not asking to review your values, then you should be with one who is. At Berrier Insurance, we do an annual review of your policy and we can change your values anytime during the year. We've been writing truck insurance since 1981, are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and we're well trained in the special needs of truckers. If you're in California, Oregon, Arizona or Nevada, give us a call today 888-472-4915 or visit us online

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Referral Reward Prize Announced - 32" LCD HDTV

We value your partnership & your referrals! To reward you, we will be giving away this 32" LCD HDTV. You will be entered to win this great prize each time you refer a trucker in CA, OR, NV or AZ to our agency. Click the link above to take you directly to the entry form.

Good luck and thanks again for all the referrals!

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    “Our technology is GREAT but our people are even BETTER!”

Monday, January 11, 2010

Protect Your Business in 3 Steps

A business is only as safe as the tools it uses. One of the best tools a business can use to protect its assets is commercial auto insurance.
Understanding insurance can be tricky. One of the first steps toward making an informed decision is to understand coverage and service options. Here are three easy steps to help figure out your commercial auto insurance needs:

  1. Choose an insurer with the right combination of price and service. Insurance isn’t just about price. It’s about service, too. How are claims handled? How long will it take to get your vehicle back on the road? Can you get questions answered outside of business hours or online? Know the answers to these questions. Your time is money.

  2. Research your policy options. Having the right coverage is important. A standard commercial auto policy generally includes coverage for:
    •injuries or damage that you cause;
    •your driver’s injuries;
    •injuries and damages caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers; and
    •damage to or theft of your vehicle(s).
    When it comes to damage that you cause, you may be required to purchase certain limits based on who you work for. For instance, if you work for certain home builders, you may be required to carry $1 million in liability limits. Consider how much you are willing to pay out of pocket if your liability in an accident is more than your policy limits.

  3. Know how the policy is priced. You can control your insurance costs. To get the best rates, run motor vehicle reports on potential drivers. If you let your insurance lapse, you’ll probably pay more for your next policy. Ask about discounts, including paid-in-full and renewal discounts.

  4. Just like your customers rely on your professional skills, call a professional independent insurance agent who will be in your corner, researching and recommending the best options.
    "Commercial auto insurance is complicated, but it is vital to protecting your livelihood," says Bill Kampf with The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, one of the largest commercial auto insurers in the country.

Berrier Insurance is an experienced broker who offers many choices in commercial auto insurance. Reach us online at or call us at 888-472-4915.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How can I really save money on my truck insurance?

"How can I save money on my truck insurance?" This is the $64,000 question most truckers ask me. Much of this is under your control.

Some things are out of your control (to some extent) such as:

- Age of driver & driving experience
- Age of equipment
- Location of your business
- Type of commodities you haul

But did you know that by making a few changes over time you can significantly reduce the cost of your truck insurance? Here are a few examples:

  • Safety Program - It's not as hard as you think, even for an owner-operator. Ask your insurance agent for a sample or to help you put together one for your business. This can mean a 5-10% discount on your liability premium
  • Written Maintenance Program - We know you have a plan for your truck maintenance, but is it in writing? Having a written maintenance program can typically save you 5% on the liability premium because they consider you a more safe, conscientious business owner.
  • SAFER rating - Most insurance companies will look at SAFER to determine whether you are better or worse than the average trucker. By keeping your "out of service" incidents low, you get the best rates & the best insurance carriers will want your business.
  • Clean Driving Record - This is the insurance company's biggest predicter of future accidents. Keeping your driving record clean means major discounts (or lack of surcharges) up to 25% in some cases.
  • Claim Free Discounts - This is where you can really save money! If you remain claim free, insurance company's can discount your policy up to 30%! We know you have insurance for the unforeseen claim but staying loss free is the ticket to paying the lowest premium.

So are you getting all the discounts you deserve? Give me a call at 888-472-4915 or stop by our website to see if we can save you money on truck insurance and get you the best possible coverage.