Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Ghost Story

Its October again! Been another year on the road, anyone come across the paranormal or unexplainable, or even something that’s just down right creepy? This one was posted by Sandy on yourghoststories.com about an experience her mother, a truck driver, had while out on the road:

I must share this story with you before I write my second experience. For those of you that have read my last post, I mention that my adopted mom has experienced some horrific hauntings, ghost & spirits. This is one that happened about 1 year ago... My adopted mom called me in a frantic one afternoon, and what she told me brought chill's to my whole body. She was traveling on a road in Arkansas when a herd of deer ran out in the middle of the road at 9:36pm. The traffic went to 70mph to BRAKES! There were 2, 18 wheelers in front of her and 3 cars in front of them. So you can only imagine the outcome. The 18 wheelers had to stop so quickly that the trailers swung around and cleared everything within its path, including the cab of the truck. There was wreckage and deer all over the road and luckily my mom was able to stop just in time; due to the smart distance that she kept, far enough away that she was able to stop (She has driven a truck for 20 years.) As she pulled of the median she noticed a man standing 6 ft from her trailer, wondering how a man got next to her trailer so fast and without her seeing him. She said he had one hand across his chest and one hand in his pocket; looking very confused. The rescue team was on the way while the police were questioning the accident. One walked up to my mom and asked "What happened here?" As she was telling him about what happened she mentioned that "Someone needs to check this guy out back, by my trailer he looks very confused, he might wonder off in the traffic", and by then he had vanished. The cop said "what man?" Well he was just right there in plain view. The officer got a description so detailed down to facial hair and shoes! He walked away for a minute and came back and said the man you described is the owner of that wrecked 18 wheeler, and was found dead at the scene. She was in shock as the cop just turned around and walked the other way. After she left, she stopped at a truck stop and on the news was the wreck she just witnessed. There were 4 fatalities that night. She even left the scene before the rescue team came. The man she seen next to her truck was one of the victims in the accident.
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