Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ClearPath 511 Road Alert System For Commercial Truck Drivers

Berrier Insurance, commercial truck insurance specialists, just found out about this!! We could really use a system like this in California!!

Nevada has launched an online road closure alert system called ClearPath 511to keep drivers informed of foul weather and other important highway information. For truckers, the ClearPath 511 system can save time and money.

When the conditions get so bad that roads have to be closed or no travel is advised, ClearPath 511 will send that information to a driver’s phone or computer. Users can customize their alerts for specific routes, days, and times.

The new service works in conjunction with the SafeTravel USA website, which shows current road conditions. ClearPath 511 takes it to the next level. You chose which roads you want to be notified about and then when conditions trigger a closure or a no travel advisory is issued, the system sends an alert.

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