Friday, January 6, 2012

Commercial Tow Truck Driver Bitten By Police Dog

A police dog sniffing for illegal drugs chomped the arm of a commercial tow truck driver, who had been hired to tow a vehicle suspected of containing hidden compartments full of drugs. The driver was not seriously injured, having been released from the hospital with only a few bandages.

The department would not release the canine's name, saying the matter remained under administrative review. "Right now we're looking at the conditions that were present and the dog's temperament," Capt. Mark Gagan said. "I would mention that in the past few days, this dog has helped the narcotics unit seize 4 kilos of cocaine and arrest an armed felon."

Why the dog bit the tow driver remains a mystery. Drug traffickers often modify cars to hide large amounts of contraband in door panels, the engine compartment or other spots. "They were raising the car to search under the engine block," Gagan said. "While the tow operator was raising the car, the dog walked away from the vehicle and approached the driver and two undercover officers."

The incident happened in Richmond California, about 7 p.m. in the Police Department's rear parking lot.

Police would not comment on the narcotics investigation.

Source: Tow Industries Week

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