Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Attention Commercial Truckers!: Important Change in CDL Requirements

Have a Commercial Driver License? Doesn’t matter if you are currently operating or not, this new law applies to you. If you have not self-certified as an "interstate" or "intrastate" driver by 2014 you could be pulled off the road and have your CDL revoked. How do you know which one to register as? If you plan on trucking outside of your state or if the load you are hauling originated out of state or is headed out of state, then you will be required to self-certify as an interstate commerce driver. If you do self-certify that you’re operating as interstate commerce, then your medical data, or medical examiners certificate, will become part of your driver record. If you self-certify as an intrastate driver, no medical records are required and you will simply receive a "U" restriction on your license. Either way you are required to go into a DMV office after January 30th 2012 and register as one or the other. The following video further clarifies this new Federal requirement.

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