Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tow Truck Insurance: Tis the Season for Towing

It’s the first day of December which means that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, poor weather will be moving in, and there will be a lot more people traveling to grandmother’s house. We want to remind both drivers and our tow trucking friends out there to be super careful. If you have a tow truck company, make sure that your tow truck insurance is up to date for the holiday season.

Towing companies are seeing an increase in business as more people fill up mall parking lots, making for fewer parking spaces and more people parking where they aren’t supposed to. There is also an increase in parking lot accidents due to impatient or unmindful drivers trying to navigate the busy state of affairs. Its always a bad situation, no one wants their car towed, but people are more frustrated about getting their car towed during the holidays, so tow companies are more often then not casted as a villain out to make a buck. With winter conditions setting in and more people on the road obviously there are more accidents, so drivers need to remember that tow truck companies are actually there to help.

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