Monday, December 12, 2011

Greenest Tow Truck Company in Queens

When we read this story of how a tow truck company is going to great lengths to save a tree we had to share it with all our friends of Berrier Insurance.

Tommy Cali owner of Cove Auto Towing in Queens, didn’t have the heart to cut down an in-the-way tree 32 years ago when he converted the enclosed front porch of his 27th Ave. home into an office for his thriving business. Now he has 50-foot tree growing through the middle of his desk.

Cali built the office himself, and may be the greenest building around. “Everything is recycled,” he said proudly. “The marble floor is chippings, stuff they threw out. The windows are from a building they knocked down.”

“You’ve got tons of people that pass by everyday. They stop and take pictures. It’s a family-friendly thing.”Cali was recently offered $2.6 million for his home, he says. But he worries that a buyer would get rid of the tree to develop the property.

A rough patch of ceiling surrounds the tree trunk. “I’ve been cutting and cutting around it,” Cali said. “The tree grew a lot.” “No regrets,” Cali shrugged. “All my customers love it.”

He’s been busy in recent days wrapping the tree in Christmas lights and plans to hang ornaments. “I want to get all the branches,” he said. “We’re gonna do the whole thing all in lights.”

To read more about this story visit the NY Daily News article.

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