Monday, November 14, 2011

Truck Insurance Specialists Report: Tiger Truck Stop

Last year Berrier Insurance, truck insurance specialist, blogged about Tony the Truck Stop Tiger and got a lot of response, most of it negative. Animal activists made their options loud and clear so much so that we removed the post entirely. Despite never having stated whether we were in support or against the removal of Tony from his home we felt that the visceral responses, and even a few threats, were reason enough for us to remove the post. Now a little over a year later Tony has made headlines again. State officials have revoked the permit allowing to keep the Bengal-Siberian mix and are prohibited from issuing a new permit. Tony will be allowed to stay in his current home until the owner's permit expires in December, but then he must be relocated and place into the custody of either ALDF or an accredited animal sanctuary. To read more visit Free Tony the Tiger or Tiger Truck Stop.

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