Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPhone Trucker App

More and more truckers are discovering the benefits of "Smart Phone" technology that is making life on the road easier for OTR truck drivers. The "Trucker" is the first cutting edge trucking app for these phones to accommodate and benefit all of our nations' truck drivers. This application is designed to meet the needs of truck drivers by providing information and resources in the areas that are crucial for truck drivers' daily survival, information, comfort, and entertainment. The app continues to evolve based on what truckers are asking for, making sure that it provides everything within just a few clicks. To learn more about the benefits of smart phones and what the new "Trucker" app can do watch the video below.

Still want to know more about how technology is growing to help truckers and what the future could be? Listen to this episode of "Truth about Trucking" all about smart phones.

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