Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nick Names For Various Things "On The Road"

The CB radio is an integral part of a truckers efficiency and communication. Being such it is also a common source of self amusement as well. We hunted down some of the common vocabulary used by truckers while out on the road and compiled a list from various sources. These were some of our favorites:

Salt shaker - slating truck
Zipper Middle -broken white lines on highway
Gator - tire remnants
Alarm clock - rumble strip
Smoky - state trooper
Evel Keneval - Motorcycle Cop
Care bear - state trooper sitting in a const. zone, lights flashing
Disco lights - flashing lights on a cop car
Bear Den - state trooper station
Band-aid buggy - ambulance
Bear in the air - airborne speed trap
Bear in the air, with a razor in his hair - airborne speed trap using a helicopter
Country Bear Jamboree - numerous bears working one area
Big bear - state police
Bear bait - speeding car
City Kitty/Town clown - local police
County mountie - county sheriff
Bird dog barking - radar detector going off
Polar bear - A white cop car
Plain White wrapper - unmarked cop car
Diesel bear - DOT cop
Chicken Coop/Chicken House - Scales
Hammer Lane - Left (passing) lane
Ditch Bait - truck or 4-wheeler going too fast in poor conditions.
Dingleberry – tailgater
Skinny Chicken – roadrunner
Ratchet jaw - someone who won't shut up on the cb
Liquid gold - fuel
Seat cover - good looking gal in a car or truck
Choke n Puke - Bad Restaurant
Mechanical Indian - electronic flashing arrow sign
Big word's out - scale closed
Rollin' ya across - not having to actually STOP on scale
Weighing your wagon - having to stop on scale to weigh
Doin' that deal - officers at scale checking logs or doing alot of inspections
Locked up nobody home - scale closed nobody there
Yard sticker - mile marker
Rolling Ranch - livestock hauler
Beaver biscuits- wood chips
Big radio - long range, high power c.b.
Throw Iron - Chain Up
Runnin' barefoot - No chains
Oops - Wreck
Draw some lines - do your logbook
Jibber Jabber - non english chatter
Rabbit -Speeding truck
Cash box - toll booth
Back seat window licker - tard
Yard dog - spotter truck or any tractor not legal 2b driven on the road
OTR driver - old, tired and rundown
West Virginia chrome - duct tape
Busterbrown - UPS driver
Wallyworld - either a Wal-mart store or a Wal-mart driver
Antler Ally - marked deer crossing area

Feel free to help add to our growing vocab list!

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