Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Commandments for Truckers

Thank you diesel weasel for sharing your worldly advice on truck stop etiquette. This was posted on and we thought it was just too funny not to share it with all of our trucker friends! Don't forget to contact us at Berrier Insurance for free quotes and to answer questions about commercial truck insurance.

1. Thou shalt not block the fuel pump longer than necessary. This means fuel your truck, go in, grab your bag of chips or coffee and your receipt QUICKLY, and get out of the way. If you want to shop for other things, like ELECTRONICS or FAST FOOD (which is never fast at a truck stop), go park it. Also pull ahead after fueling if there's enough room (usually there is)

2. Thou shalt not leave a urinal or bathroom stall filthy. If you pee on a toilet seat, wipe it up, it takes 5 seconds. If you stand at a urinal, at least make an attempt to aim.

3. Thou shalt wash thy hands after touching thy junk in the bathroom.

4. Thou shalt wash thy hands before dining.

5. Thou shalt not attempt land speed records in any truck stop parking lot.

6. Thou Shalt Park thy truck as squarely and centered as possible in parking space.

7. Thou shalt not flirt extensively and excessively with the cute cashier and shalt refrain from "hitting on" another driver's wife.

8. Thou shalt attempt to help a newbie who has trouble backing into a parking spot, rather than heckle him/her on channel 19.

9. Thou shalt not throw trash or bodily excrement of any kind into a parking lot.

10. Thou shalt cleanse the exterior shell of thy body often enough to keep thy funk from offending others.

We hope you enjoyed this light hearted post.

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