Thursday, February 7, 2013

Truckers Save Fuel By Driving Better

Do you know how much your truck driving habits affect your fuel mileage? It's true, you can increase your fuel mileage and decrease your fuel costs up to 20% in this day of crazy fuel prices just by changing the way you drive.

Two truck driver friends, Tom and Ben documented their 2 month experiment and the results were surprising. They each drove their own truck for 30 days, then drove their friend's truck for 30 days. The results were amazing.

The first driver, “Tom,” had a 30-day average of 7.71 mpg while driving his own truck. The second driver, “Ben,” had a 30-day average of just 5.83 mpg while driving his own truck.

Tom and Ben drove the other truck the same way that they always drove their own truck. They booked the same loads and weights as they had the previous 30 days. They drove in the same region, under similar weather conditions.

When Tom was driving Ben’s truck, the 30-day fuel mileage average increased by 23% over what Ben got driving it, up to 7.17 mpg. At the same time, Ben’s 30-day fuel mileage average in Tom’s truck was 6.38 mpg, a 17 percent loss compared to Tom’s average in that truck.

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