Friday, October 5, 2012

Berrier Insurance Staff Update

Hi all! We are back!!! Its been crazy busy here at Berrier Insurance with a lot of changes going on and even more to come!  Business is good and most importantly our truckers and contractors are happy! 

One of the biggest changes in the office, some of you have already heard, our beloved Linda is no longer a part of our team.  She has moved on to other endeavors and we wish her the best of luck! We will miss her but will always consider one of the Berrier Insurance Divas!

Now we welcome Kelly Frame into the family as a new CSR in training!  Yes this means we now have TWO Kellys' in the office, I know confusing, so we are trying out a few different nick names for the two of them.  KellyF, KFrame, K, Kell...yeah we are still working on that. Kristi has been trying to get Kelly R to answer to "Keller", because she is so awesome and "kills" it no matter what she is working on, but she's not having that lol.

A lot of redistribution of who handles what has been going on so we understand that it may be a little confusing as to who you need to talk to when calling in with questions or requests so here is a quick reference that may help out:

  • Policy Changes/Billing Questions:
             Kelly Roberts-
  • Policy Changes/Payments/Claims:
            Sammy Thompson-
  • Certificates of Insurance:
            Kelly Frame-
  • Quotes:
            Kristi McLellan-
  • Quotes:
            Bradd Hoberman-

As always we are her for YOU guys, our commercial truckers and contractors. So please let us know what we can do to make things easier! Give us a call and let us know what you think, introduce your self to our newest member, or go online to Google Review and rate us.

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