Monday, January 3, 2011

Diesel Prices Hit 2 Year High

Getting ready for a long haul? Well, don't be frightened by the increase of diesel prices around the country. After having 2 weeks of small declines, the price of diesel has just hit a 2 year high, The Gulf Coast rose 5.4 cents to, while in the East Coast the price has risen 4 cents. The price flunctuations don't stop here. In New England, the price of diesel has sky rocketed to a 7.8 cent increase. Thankfully for some truckers on the West Coast, the prices haven't reached those large numbers quite yet. In California, the price has only slightly risen by 2.4 cents. Nationally, the retail price of diesel hit $3.29 on 12/27/10, with the highest prices in the Central Atlantic states.

Although some of these diesel prices havn't changed too drastically, it can still be quite a change for truckers hauling across the country. So keep in mind this holiday season, it may be a time for giving, but not for the oil companies.

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