Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roadside Assistance for Truckers

Have you ever broken down far from home while driving your truck and had to pay an exhorbitant tow bill? Many of our trucker friends have shared their frustrating experiences of getting a flat tire or having a mechanical failure while hauling a load only to be hit with an outrageous bill from the towing company. They ask us: Why isn't there roadside assistance for commercial trucks like AAA offers? Well now there is and we're proud to be offering it to our trucking friends at a significant discount!

It provides unlimited towing assistance up to 50 miles, vehicle jump start, out-of-gas fuel delivery, flat change tire coverage and much more! Being a member also entitles you to hotel and travel discounts.

So now the Truck Insurance Divas at Berrier Insurance can ensure that you're covered when you have an accident and when your truck breaks down. Now that's security! We are dedicated to providing you, the independent trucker, with commercial truck insurance with the best service and coverage available anywhere. Call us today for more information 888-472-4915 or visit us online at

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