Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't pay more than 1 deductible

If you've ever had a truck accident where there was damage to both your truck and trailer, you probably had to pay a separate deductible for each vehicle. If you have the right truck insurance policy, this wouldn't happen.

Most of today's best policies include an optional or standard "combined deductible" for physical damage claims (collision or comprehensive). Many companies also allow your cargo insurance to be included in this coverage meaning 1 deductible to pay instead of 3.

Would this save you money? Heck yes! Most truckers carry $1,000 deductible for each vehicle plus $1,000 on their cargo. So if all 3 were damaged in an accident, you'd pay $3,000 just in deductibles! So your "cheap" insurance policy doesn't look like such a good deal anymore!

You need a truck insurance expert that can provide you a single deductible policy with a top rated insurance carrier that understands your trucking business and will get you back on the road fast. Find a truck insurance agency that shops many different insurance companies for you.

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Happy Trucking!

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